GRINT Centre for Education and Culture: Study Russian Language, Culture, History and Politics in Moscow, Russia

Learn Russian language, study the politics, culture and history of Russia in Moscow

Dear friends!

Since 1992, GRINT Centre for Education and Culture has been offering high quality Russian language and culture classes to a variety of individuals ranging from international students and faculty to businessmen and Media professionals.

In the section "Russian Language courses", you will find information about our Year-round Standard and Intensive programs arranged on all levels,  from absolute beginners to advanced students. TORFL section contains the information about the Test and  Preparation courses for The State Examination of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL) and a description of our methods for teaching Russian as a foreign language.

In the "Semester and Academic year " or "Summer programs" sections you can find information on Study Abroad in Moscow, Russia options for international students which are: Semester or Academic Year, or Summer. These programs are sponsored by US Universities which offer their credits for your Russian experience.

If you have not studied Russian before but are interested and fascinated by Russian culture, history, politics, literature, or arts, our Russia at the Crossroads  program taught in English  could serve as a good start or continuation of your academic career. To use your already acquired knowledge and skills you may apply for our Internships  available through our partner institutions.

Furthermore, we would be glad to develop a special program to meet your individual goals and expectations. We have been very successful in running seminars and study tours for faculty and short-term visitors from all over the world. We pay special attention to culture activities for our students offering opportunities to visit the most exciting sights and events while in Moscow. We can also help students plan to travel around Russia either at the end of the program or when they have a vacation.

I hope that you will find the information on this site helpful as you continue to learn Russian. Don't forget to check out our fees and application procedures too. Once you have done this you will realize that studying in Russia is not only a once in a lifetime experience but also a very real and affordable reality. As a famous Russian proverb goes, "Better to see once than to hear a hundred times." Come experience Russia firsthand!

With best regards,
Dr. Alexander Rouchkin


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