GRINT Centre for Education and Culture: Study Russian Language, Culture, History and Politics in Moscow, Russia

Internship (independently or with language classes)

A first step to a brighter future!
Internships are available for Business, Political Science, Accounting/Finance, Law, Marketing, Journalism and other spheres in Russian and International companies. The following companies have previously accepted our interns: Synergy International Systems, RusOTIS, CAF Russia, Roel Consulting, PSI Russia, Transparency International, Kidsave International, The Moscow News, Rusfarm, etc.

Students are placed in the field of their choice by GRINT. Students should provide a clear indication of the type of experience they would like to receive, and its relevance to their future career, in the application form.

Although we guarantee that if you are accepted into an internship program you will be placed in an appropriate institution or company, we cannot guarantee a placement in a specific company in advance.

In most cases you will not know which company or institution you will be working for in Moscow prior to arrival. You must go through a job interview process, in most cases, and your potential employer will have the final say in the the hiring process.

Most internships are not paid. In fact, in many cases the internship program is more expensive than the regular study abroad program at the same location. This is due to the fact that finding internships, and supervising them, is a time consuming process requiring a full time staff position.

Internship program (8 - 15 weeks) includes the following:

1. Invitation letter and registration
2. Internship placement 
3. Lodging at the dormitory
4. Transfer to and from the airport
5. Orientation tour

For students who wish to combine their internship with Russian language classes we can offer a specially designed program including General Russian (from Beginners to Intermediate level) and Business Russian (for Advanced level).

Special internship program (8 weeks - 15 weeks) includes the following:

1. Invitation letter and registration
2. Internship placement (20 hours weekly)
3. Lodging at the dormitory / homestay
4. Half board
5. Russian language classes (10-15 hours weekly) 
6. Cultural program: field trips or excursions will be organized at weekends
7. Transfer to and from the airport
8. Orientation tour


1. CV and letter of motivation to be sent in advance (1 month notice minimum)
2. Office and computer skills
3. Knowledge of the Russian language (minimum: Upper Elementary)

** Please note that we offer internships on an unpaid basis only.

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