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Russian studies track

Russian studies track

Grint Centre for Education and Culture and  the Arizona in Russia program  (University of Arizona) offer a Russian studies track as an alternative to the Intensive Russian language program.

Arizona in Russia offers an excellent opportunity for students to perfect their language skills in the real Russian world.  Over 3,500 students from over 100 institutions have used this program to immerse themselves in a firsthand experience of Russian language and culture.  This program runs in all three terms (Fall, Spring, and Summer) and students have the option of completing a business internship alongside their studies.

Students participating in the Russian studies track will primarily earn credit in Russian studies courses with supplementary instruction in the Russian language (summer/semester).  

The following Russian studies courses will be offered:

1) Accursed Questions: Russian Writers and Society (RSSS 340)  
This course is an introduction to Russia’s nineteenth century literature (Russian's Golden Age) and to the philosophical questions that distinguished this particular generation of writers.

2) World War II--The Russian Empire  (RSSS 345)
Historical/cultural exploration of the Soviet experience of WWII  (in history and the Arts)

3) The Soviet Experiment (RSSS 350)
Examines the entire Soviet period, the most extensive social, economic, and cultural experiment in human history. Includes period of mass terror, the "Iron Curtain," Perestroika, and an overview of the period of transition.

4) History of Soviet and Post Soviet Film (RSSS 304 )
Topics:  Ideology, censorship, Stalin, WWII, sexless Soviet cinema.

Language courses:

1) Grammar  (RSSS 364a)
Review of basic Russian grammar rules and applications

2) Conversation  (RSSS 366a)
Basic topics which prepare the student for societal interaction with native Russian speakers.

The intensive Russian track will focus primarily on Russian language instructions, 20 hours/week.  Students of all Russian levels are welcome to register.

Academic credits earned will depend on the length of time spent in Russia (details below).

Summer Session I:  6 credits
Summer Session II:  6 credits
Summer Sessions I & II:  12 credits

Fall semester:  15 credits
Spring semester:  15 credits
Academic Year:  30 credits

Students will earn University of Arizona credit through the Russian and Slavic Studies department, and will be placed in courses in Russia upon taking a placement test.  Final course determination will be made following an interview with the faculty director.

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For further information please feel free to contact:

Prof. Delbert Phillips (Director Arizona Russian Abroad, Professor of Russian and Slavic Studies)

Ken Simonds (Study abroad coordinator):

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