GRINT Centre for Education and Culture: Study Russian Language, Culture, History and Politics in Moscow, Russia

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GRINT Center for Education and Culture at Moscow University for the Humanities is an accredited Language and Culture school.  Since 1992, we have been offering high quality Russian language and area studies  programs  to a variety of individuals ranging from international students and faculty to businessmen and Media professionals. 

Grint Centre for Education is a member of TORFL (State Test of Russian as a Foreign Language) National Network of Institutions, uniting schools where international students can take the Test. We run specially designed intensive programs for TORFL preparation. After each course the students take the State Examination at our premises.

Our  Intensive Language and Area Studies (in English) programs – Semester, Academic year, Summer  school ( 5-10 weeks) are sponsored by US universities and organizations, Truman State University, CCIS, University of Arizona.

Our Centre is located in the south-eastern part of Moscow in a beautiful area not far from the famous XVIII century estate Kuskovo which is well known for its park and lakes with easy access from downtown Moscow by  subway. On the 150-acre campus you will find everything  necessary for fruitful academic experience (dormitories, cafeteria, swimming pool, gym, etc.)

Tel. +7 (499) 374-74-30
Fax. (7-499) - 374 73 66
e - mail :
Russia, Moscow, 111395, Yunosty str., 5/1, block 6 , of. 35

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