GRINT Centre for Education and Culture: Study Russian Language, Culture, History and Politics in Moscow, Russia

Photo gallery


Soccer game on campus
School building on campus


Arizona Program Director Prof Phillips with participants
class 1
Receiving diploma
Matreshka-the Russian trophy
Preparation for class
Searching for talant


Alla Ivanovna Kirsanova and student
Dr. Elena Viktorovna Skvorcova and student
Margarita Aleksandrovna Aganina and student
Natalya Vladimirovna Soroka in class
Prof Phillips at the opening of the program
Small group classes with Zoya Aleksandrovna Vasilieva
Tatyana Vladimirovna Kuharenko with her students


In the lecture
Professor Pashenstev Russia Today lecture


Dorms block D
Bathroom 1
Fridge in every room
Kitchen (left side)
Kitchen (right side)
Student's room
Studying in my room


At my homestay
My room in a homestay
My Russian family


Back to USSR
Center of Russian Cosmonaut Training called Star City
Mayakovski Museum
Red October Chocolate Factory
Students wearing traditional Russian costumes
At Russian TV studio
Inside the KGB Museum
Snow in Russia
Russian Top Secret Energy Space Factory
Stalin's bunker in the heart of Moscow
Trip to Kiev (at Chernobyl museum)
visit to Russian TV headquarters ?Ostankino?
visit to State Duma
visit to State Duma (Russian Parliament)
Take a ride
The house of merchant Tretyakov
Tretyakov Art Gallery - the best collection of Russian art
Visiting Russian Orthodox monastery
Welcome to Kolomenskoe estate
Russian soccer game at stadium ?Luzhniki?
You never know what you'll find at Tretyakov Art Gallery


In the Alexander Gardens near Kremlin Wall
At Red Square
Near the St Basil's cathedral in Red Square
Our group near the Tsars canon inside The Kremlin


Cucumber day celebration in Suzdal
Extendable bridges in St. Petersburg
Hermitage view
In the Russian town Volgograd
On the ice of The Gulf of Finland
On the way to weekend Moscow city tour
The beauty of Petergof fountains
The Russian town Sergiev Posad in summer
The town Sergiev Posad in winter
The Train to St. Petersburg
With Isaac cathedral in St. Petersburg
With the famous Russian writer Michael Bulgakov?s monument in Kiev


Looks like fun
The mystery of the Red Square
Traditional dancing lessons for the Spring Holiday Maslenitca
Victory Park
We are both happy to be in Moscow
We met in Moscow
Winter entertainment