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TORFL - Test of Russian as a Foreign Language

TORFL - Test of Russian as a Foreign Language 
One of the most topical issues in theory and practice of teaching Russian as a foreign language concerns describing different stages of language mastery and creation of tests specifically designed to measure Russian language proficiency.

Independent and objective control provided by a unified testing system will allow to measure Russian language proficiency regardless of where, when and for how long the student studied Russian, and will allow for correlation of language proficiency in Russian with other foreign languages as well as promote recognition of international language proficiency certificates. A universal system of testing will also foster unification of Russian language teaching methods in Russia and abroad.

Each level is characterized by certain skills and practical communicative objectives in different areas of activity. The standard takes into consideration the communicative situation and factors affecting it, personally oriented communicative objectives and their achievement via different communicative strategies and tactics in major types of communicative events, types of discourse and corresponding grammatical systems and vocabularies.

The test consists of 5 sections. Each section tests a different type of language proficiency:
Section 1. Vocabulary and Grammar.
Section 2. Reading.
Section 3. Writing.
Section 4. Listening Comprehension.
Section 5. Speaking.

Currently the Russian testing system for speakers of Russian as a foreign language consists of elementary and intermediate levels as well as four certification levels of competency in Russian as a foreign language, and corresponding tests:

ТЭУ. Test of Russian as a Foreign Language. Elementary level.
ТБУ. Test of Russian as a Foreign Language. Basic level.
TPKИ-1. Test of Russian as a Foreign Language. First level.
TPKИ-2. Test of Russian as a Foreign Language. Second level.
TPKИ-3. Test of Russian as a Foreign Language. Third level.
TPKИ-4. Test of Russian as a Foreign Language. Fourth level.

The Certificates of the Elementary & Basic Level confirm that the student is able to achieve his or her basic communicate objectives in everyday communication (using limited or extensive vocabulary, expressions, etc.).

The Certificate of the First Certification Level confirms that the student is able to achieve his or her basic communicative objectives in everyday communication on a variety of social and cultural topics. In addition, the First Level Certificate allows its holder to enroll in a Russian university. If the student chooses to continue his or her education in college, he or she has to complete an additional section in the area of the student's professional specialization. The section tests the student's abilities to achieve minimum communicative objectives in the area of professional communication".

The 2nd Level Certificate confirms a relatively high level of communicative competency in all communicative contexts. At this level of language command the speaker is able to conduct professional activity in Russian in different areas (such as Humanities, Engineering, technology, and Natural Sciences).

The 3rd Level Certificate indicates that the candidate has a high level of language command in all communicative contexts, which allows him/her to conduct professional activity in Russian in the area of Linguistics, Translation, Editing, Journalism, International Relations, and management.

The 4th Level is the Level of educated native speaker and allows candidate to work in all areas of professional activities mentioned above, also as a philologist, and a teacher of Russian as a Foreign language.

The Russian state testing system is included in the ALTE (Association of Language Testers Europe). Levels of competency in Russian as a foreign language correspond to other European languages (see table):

TORFL - Exam preparation course  at GRINT

Grint Centre for Education is a member of National Network of Institutions, uniting the leading Russian universities, colleges and schools, where international students can take the Test of Russian as a Foreign language (TORFL). We run specially designed intensive programs for TORFL preparation. After each course the students take the State Examination at our premises.

4 week TORFL Exam Course includes:
Language tuition, 20 hours weekly
Dormitory accommodation, 28 days (no meals included)
Exam fee + materials
Transfer to / from the airport
Culture program, 4 excursions
Letter of invitation


Contact us for details and dates of the prep-courses. E-mail

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