GRINT Centre for Education and Culture: Study Russian Language, Culture, History and Politics in Moscow, Russia

Summer Programs in Moscow

Summer programs in Moscow, Russia

GRINT Center for Education and Culture at Moscow University for the Humanities program seeks to involve students personally and actively with the Russian people and their language, history, art, and traditions.
Our Summer  programs (5 - 8 - 10 weeks) include:
1.  Intensive Russian language course, which is taught at all levels, in a small (4-6 persons) groups – 15-18 hours weekly. All of our classes are designed to meet ACTFL standards with our teaching methodology. Classes typically last from 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

2. Lecture courses  taught in English. The two lecture classes per summer sessions  from the list:
Russia Today
General Survey of Russian History and Lecture Series
Survey of Russian Literature (19th-20th centuries), 
Survey of Russian Cultural History in Excursions.

3. Internships  (are open to students at any level of Russian, but some internships do have language requirements).

4. Culture and Social Activity.Each week we offer cultural events which give our students a way to experience Russia on a first hand basis. Each week, we take our students to two cultural events ranging from concerts, theaters, operas, ballets, the Moscow Circus and sporting events once on a weekday and the other on the weekend. These events are all included at no extra cost for our students.
- Weekly visits to the best Moscow theaters, concert halls, sport arenas
- Weekly field trips and culture visits to the major Moscow places of interest

5. Accommodation and meals.
Our students are offered two options for housing:
-  Either in dual occupancy rooms located on campus in our university’s recently renovated dormitory with internet access and within 5 minutes distance from the classrooms
- or  in an apartment at one of our homestays.
Russia has a lot to offer as far as food goes. Enjoy some of the best soups in the world along with other tasty dishes. Homestay students are offered breakfast 7 days a week while both breakfast and lunch are provided for our dormitory students at our campus cafeteria. Don’t like the mass re-heated cafeteria food at your university back home? No problem! Each day, food is freshly prepared and cooked by our cafeteria staff. Enjoy homemade style cooking the Russian way! Homestay students can also take at vantage of the on-campus university out of pocket at very reasonable prices.

Campus facilities also include Sport halls and  indoor swimming pool located  within 5 minutes from the residence halls

6. Airport transfers

7. Invitation letter and registration in Moscow


Degree Level
Bachelors Degree (Undergraduate)

Subject Areas
 Intensive Language
 Internship Programs
 Russian & Slavic Studies
 Student Trips (non-credit)

Program Fees Include:
Instructional costs abroad, fees, room and board,  cultural excursions, visa and insurance.

Dates and programs 

Summer 2016
8 week program: Truman State University & CCIS: May 23 - July 17

5 week program: University of Arizona:  May 23 - June 26

5 week program: University of Arizona: June 27 - July 31

10 week program: University of Arizona: May 23 - July 31

To get US credits please contact our sponsor institutions:
a) Prof. Delbert Phillips, University of Arizona:
b) Rosa Virginia Mendez, Advisor  Truman State University:

To apply directly, please contact Dr. Alexander  Ruchkin:

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