GRINT Centre for Education and Culture: Study Russian Language, Culture, History and Politics in Moscow, Russia



Provides a private room for each visitor with a typical Moscow family, where a friendly home atmosphere will allow the student to use Russian in a natural way maximizing language practice. All facilities are provided (cooking, bedding, television, telephone, etc). Breakfast is  provided 7 days a week. 

Students who prefer a more independent style of life in Moscow may stay in the student dorm. Our students live in a separate section which has eight bedrooms, INTERNET access, a lounge with a telephone and TV, a kitchen, and separate bathrooms for both men and women. We usually put two students per room, but single rooms can be specially arranged on demand.

Accommodation at hostels or even hotels from three to five stars can be arranged on request. Please email us for details.

Most of our programs are based on halfboard, but there are a number of places on-campus which serve inexpensive lunches (as well as other meals). Full board can be arranged on request.

Our students can be met at the airport / train station and transferred to the airport / train station at the end of the program.

Students must obtain their own medical insurance which should be checked for validity in Russia. In case of illness, the student will be taken to the medical hospital of his/her choice but the student will be responsible for the cost of any medical treatment provided.
Can be arranged in:
Golden Ring towns, Volga-river region, St.Petersburg, Trans-Siberian Railway , etc.
Ukraine: Kiev, Crimea
Baltic States: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

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