GRINT Centre for Education and Culture: Study Russian Language, Culture, History and Politics in Moscow, Russia

Russia at the Crossroads - Semester in Moscow

Semester programs – Area and Culture studies in Moscow, Russia (taught in English)

Fall and Spring Semesters, Academic Year: 2 Semesters, 15 weeks each (with the possibility of staying in Russia between semesters).


Subject Areas: Economics, European Studies (includes Politics), Government, History, Humanities,  Independent Study, International Business, International Policy And Diplomacy, International Relations, Liberal Arts, Political Science/politics, Public Administration, Russian & Slavic Studies, Russian and East European Studies

This program provides a broad overview of the History of Russian civilization, Political and Cultural traditions including the contemporary challenges in both social and economic spheres in the context of globalization.   Our Semester (Academic year) program includes:

 1. Area studies:

- Russian Politics (3 credits)

- Russian Civilization (3 credits)

- Foreign policy of Russian Federation:  Russia in the context of the changing and globalizing world (3 credits)

- Treasures of Russian culture and daily life traditions (3 credits)

Description of the courses (

2. Russian Language:

Conversation classes (3 credits)

Weekly schedule:

Monday:        10.00 - 12.30.  Russian Language (3 hours each week)

Tuesday:        10.00 - 12.30.  Russian Politics   (3 hours weekly)

Wednesday:   10.00 - 12.30.  Russian Civilization (3 hours weekly) + related excursions   on Saturdays

Thursday:       10.00 - 12.30.  Foreign Policy (3 hours weekly)  

Friday:           10.00 - 12.30.  Treasures of Russian culture (3 hours weekly)  + related culture event during the weekdays (ballet, drama, opera, concerts etc.)

Saturdays:  excursion/field trip

Lectures and seminars are given by the leading experts in their field. Each course typically consists of 13-14 lectures / seminars and related field trips and excursions.  The classes   meet weekly, and the student will be advised to prepare for the meeting by reading the suggested literature. The courses do not have specific prerequisites, though some knowledge of the Russian History and social sciences will be of help for the students.

All courses are 3 credits (each course is 40 to 45 contact hours).

All courses are taught in English. No knowledge of Russian is required.

Students can enroll in up to 15 credits per semester.

Cultural Program

1 cultural event plus 1 excursion each week are arranged for the students. All events are guided.

Related Excursions and field trips: Extensive list of field trips, theatres, concerts, sport performances visits and course-related site-visits in Moscow, one of the most vibrant cities of the world where one can witness the fusion of 850 years of history and modern innovation:

weekly theatre, concert or event tickets

weekly excursions around Moscow, Moscow region or museum visit

excursions to Saint-Petersburg or Kazan (second and third Russian capitals).


Dorm accommodation based on double occupancy for participants. Wi-Fi.

Breakfast and lunch on week days is included as part of the dorm accommodation. Campus facilities also include Sport halls and indoor swimming pool located  within 5 minutes from the residence halls.

Student Support

Airport pick up and drop off.

Extended on-site orientation .

Full-time Student coordinator assisting students.


Ground transportation, guides for cultural tours.

5-day mid-term trip to another Russian city (St. Petersburg Fall semester), Kazan (Spring Semester).

Transport path for metro (monthly)

Non-Immigrant Visa

Assistance navigating and managing the student visa application process.

Providing the invitation letter to visit Russia.

All visa and registration services during the stay in Russia (registration of visa, extending visa extension, visa changes, etc.) at no extra cost.


Fall 2015 (15 weeks)

August 31 (Monday, the day classes start, arrival to Moscow Aug 30) - December 12 .

Spring 2016  (15 weeks)

January 11 (Monday, the day classes start, arrival to Moscow Jan 10) - April 23.

Program Fees Include:

  • Lectures, seminars and all instruction (15-20 hours per week)
  • 15 credits through a Truman State University transcript  
  • Registration fees, Invitation letters for obtaining Russian visa
  • Airport transportations
  • All instructional materials
  • Residence hall housing or home-stay
  • Most meals (breakfast and lunch during the weekdays)
  • Regular theatre, concert or event tickets
  • Excursions to other Russian cities

Cost in USD: 

Please check with the program's Sponsor Institution - Truman State University

Any questions  or  you would like more info:

Please contact Rosa Virginia Mendez, Advisor, Truman State University:
Grint Centre ( Host Institution) -  Dr. Alexander  Ruchkin:

Application involves:

Letters of Reference
Written Application
Typical application processing time:  2 to 4 weeks
For details, deadlines  and application please contact Truman State University
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